The birth of Beyond A Bike is from a second conscious look at our lifestyle:

Are we doing justice to our planet?
Are we compassionate and emphatic to our co-beings?
Do we need to spend large, just because we can afford?
Riding the wave is for status, makes sense?

These little sparks have ignited the concept to popularise some perceptions that will instate a balancing act and encourage individuals and organizations to welcome novel models of energy conservation. This is Beyond A Bike.

Bhumi General Trading LLC
is the platform that hosts Beyond A Bike.

The term Bhumi derived from the ancient Indian scholastic Sanskrit language. This term is wisely chosen as it represents earth and epitome.
The company is based in Dubai, commercial capital of United Arab Emirates and the Gulf.

The company’s main line of business is the import and distribution of selected premium brands of bicycles and its accessories. Secondary line of business is an equally impulsive concept; research, develop, and popularize ideas and practices that adds value in terms of preserving mother earth.

Company is headed by a small group of young and enthusiastic people who believe that every moment of life matters. Hence, the policies and business model of the company is not of a cash mint.

However, we fully acknowledge and understand the value of hard earned money that fuels the basics in each one of us. Hence, the company has installed proven business models and shall keep track and continue compatible modern day business elements. Though, Middle East will have early footprints of Beyond A Bike, the imprints will soon cross seas and diversify itself into emerging economies like India where the concepts of energy saving, consumer behavior, social equality is gaining momentum


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