Because you can afford you cannot abuse.

We think that a strong purpose should be the need of a spent. Spending should not be an activity based on your ability to spent, desire or greed. Resources of nature are precious and limited, that it should be shared and spent frugally so that they are saved and sustained.

We are proponents of purposeful spending, so that we can sustain and share.

At beyond a bike when a customer decides on a purchase, we always try to understand the purpose behind the spent and whether that spent makes any sense.

If you want to buy a bike from us just because they are beautiful, we recommend a test ride. We understand that it is not a classical business model, and it generates less profit, but we value our belief. We are not a nonprofit organization. We are neither a usurious business case with multi level add-ons.

We believe in mobility that can be transcended across various requirements.
We believe in collaborative mobility and transportation.
Collaborative mobility is about combining various transportation systems so that a person can travel from one point to another with limited discomfort and drain on resources.

We sell top of the line and pretty good looking bicycles to reach this goal. Most of them are foldable. Folding bikes are convenient and increases the availability of a bike many fold. A bike cannot replace a car or a bus. But we believe a bike can complement a travel from one place to another much easier, healthier and faster.

Beyond a bike is simply as the name suggests an exploration into our daily chores on what more you can do to sustainability of resources than just riding a bike.


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