our mission

Our mission is to bring in sustainable and collaborative mobility to the daily commute of people so that they rely less on conventional transportation systems. Our mission is to engage people into thinking that having an alternate sustainable mode of transport in your daily commute will utilize lesser resources. For eg. Incorporating a folding bike in your car will give you added portability. All large yachts will have smaller dinghies so that you can reach the shore where the yachts can’t reach. So if a yacht can combine transportation models, why not a car. A bike can collaborate with a car and complement it in a certain extent the efficiency of car transportation.

our vision

Our vision is to educate on the preciousness of the resources we share, to instill the thought process that a spent should be the direct quotient of your genuine purpose and need and not a direct result of your affordability and desire. We strive and work towards a day when people consciously do acts that gives something back to the earth every day.

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