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Folding Bikes

The mainstream product line of BEYOND A BIKE is folding bikes. BAB is unleashing the top-notch badge bearers of bicycles ergonomics. Bhumi General Trading LLC is the exclusive distributor of Brompton (GCC Only), Tern (GCC Only) and Mando Footloose folding bikes in GCC & India.

Brompton is one the world’s best folding bikes ever made. Beyond A Bike exclusively distributes Brompton Folding Bikes in UAE and other GCC Countries. Brompton is a classic example of personal transport, allowing people to go out and adapt their voyages at will. Brompton is an assured freedom that sets you free from most journey constraints of urban living. Brompton bikes are designed and built in West London, England – a favourite and proud possession of urban bike riders across the world.

Considering folding bikes? Come in and experience Brompton in Dubai. Brompton Folding Bicycles is now available at Beyond a Bike store in Dubai and will soon be available in selected stores across GCC.

Tern is a very popular folding bike in the US and increasingly becoming popular in Europe, Middle East. Tern Folding Bikes are typically designed for the practical urban commuter who bikes, commute on trains and buses and who drive. Tern is a perfect companion for an urban mobile person. It comes with a set of wonderful after market parts and bike accessories that makes biking an effortless and wonderful every day experience. Terns built to suit every segment of the urban society, whether you are fast mover or a classy daily commuter.
The lightest Tern is only around 9kgs. Check out which is the right Tern for you!

Contact Us for more details on Tern Bicycles in Dubai and for Tern Bicycles in Middle East.

Mando Footloose is a style statement. You cannot stop looking at it. Mando Footloose is the first chainless hybrid bike and the Red Dot Award winner. It is a premium stylish E-bike that makes eyeballs follow you. Pedal or no it still make you move. Mando is crafted for the upper class and hence priced accordingly.

A folded Mando Bike adds grace to your classy automobile. It easy fits into the boot of your car.

Contact Us for more details on Mando Footloose Bicycles in Dubai and for Mando Footloose Bicycles in Middle East, Folding E-bikes in Dubai.


As our story says ; “we dream of a day when bike becomes part of our life, like our shoes.” It does not work by just dreaming of such a day, the thought has to be executed practically. Especially in swift developing countries like the GCC and India, the inclination towards going back to nature is on a good note and we are here to catalyse such noble initiatives.

Biking in Dubai and other neighbouring countries is now beyond a fitness activity. Cycling is the latest trend with Bike commuting, cycle-share programs, and expanding bike-lane networks being considered as practical ways to address traffic chaos caused by urban lifestyle. E-bike is the next best thing as it is perfect balance of fitness and comfortable commute. Electric Bikes or E-bikes as popularly known looks like any other bicycle apart from their, built-in electric motor for propulsion; some kick in with pedaling and others have engines where you can thumb the throttle. Some designs are so classy that the entire motor set is seamlessly integrated within the frame of your bike.

Our E-Bike lines include folding e-bikes like Mando and the Bosch motor powered favourite urban Corratec Bikes. Contact Us for sales and distribution opportunities of E-Bikes in U.A.E, E-Bikes in GCC and E-Bikes in India.

Mountain Bikes & Road Bikes

Beyond A Bike recognizes serious passionate bikers. We are closely associated with various road and mountain biking communities in U.A.E and GCC who offer platforms to nurture and promote beginners and experts equally. We understand that every professional biker and budding aspirants have unique tastes. Therefore, we have carefully chosen bike brands for our serious biking friends who can rely on every bit of the two-wheeler they are riding. They get to choose the ride they need for mountains as we carry a variety of wheel sizes such as 26” bikes, 27.5” bikes and 29” bikes. We also carry full suspension bikes and front suspension bikes. Hard Trail, Cross-Country, Trail, All Mountain, Free ride, Downhill; you name it we deliver your choice.

Considering the growing popularity of road bikes in UAE and across Middle East, Beyond A Bike has a supreme collection of road bikes – Traditional Road, Endurance, Flatbars, Cyclocross and Touring Bikes. Our roadies guarantee the best performance in its segment.

Beyond A Bike have some classic regular bikes for every day bikers too as we respect and promote bikers who bike to work, bike to campus and bike to market. Our collection of accessories turns your biking into a multifaceted experience.

Beyond A Bike carries Corratec, a premium German brand specialized in producing bikes for passionate bikers. Bhumi General Trading LLC is the exclusive authorized distributor of Corratec Bikes in GCC & India.

We invite riders to visit our stores and explore feel the enriched experience of biking.

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